Good evening Gentleman.

At the beginning of the current boards tenure we identified 10 areas of focus for the year and my report back will be focused on them: The first and second closely related:

1. Firm decision & direction on future of Association property.

2. Firm decision & direction on future of PHSOB club.

As most of you should be aware, sporting clubs in general are under increasing pressure with regards to membership, with the difficulty being in that the attraction is limited and the ever increasing sporting bursaries given out by the major universities puts pressure on the talent one can attract, especially to a club like ours which is in such close proximity to the University of Pretoria. Having served on the club board for the past year I can honestly say that there is a concerted effort by all involved to make the club a more attractive environment for Old Boys and others. Regarding the property and any future developments, a team of well recognized Old Boys involved in property development have been approached and are currently looking at various ways in which we can best utilize the property into the future. It is extremely premature to even speculate to what these could be. I am aware of a rumour doing its rounds that the Association Board is looking at selling the property. I can assure you there is no truth in the matter and infact not an option at all.

3. Creating real value add to becoming an Association Life Member.

We are always looking at meaningful ways to achieve this, without the obvious pitfall of chasing Old Boys away. The first real test to this will be the upcoming Old Boys dinner and Golf Day in June with a new-tiered pricing structure.

4. Old Boys network established & running.

The social media platform LinkedIn has been earmarked as the foundation to achieve this. After a lengthy delay in trying to take over the ownership of an already active Old Boys group on this platform, the decision was taken to create a new one and start afresh. This has been running for just over a month with some exciting ideas to be rolled out. The idea behind this is to create the platform for Old Boys to deal with one another from a business perspective.

5. Establish & implement new blue print for the running of reunions & branches and an active roll played by the Association Office in these reunions & branches.

This has been implemented fully; with the Association in very close collaboration with the reunion group and school are handling the full activities and processes behind getting a reunion successfully run.

6. Recruitment of 1600 "lost" old boys.

This is an ongoing process, which at times has poised some historical issues. We have increased our database in excess of 2000 members in the past year

7. Increased regalia offering.

Before we could increase the range a decision was taken to ensure that our existing regalia were easily accessible and therefore an online shop has been created. This is functional and open to Association members only. A range of Association labeled Graham Beck wine will be on offer through this platform shortly. 8. Concerted effort in encouraging larger Old Boy participation & presence at school events. Through our newsletter I hope a closer linkage to the happenings of the school has been created and therefore more participation. Outside the fundraiser activity is always difficult to measure.

9. Recruitment of 100% - matric-leaving group 2014.

We recruited 85% of the leavers, however unlike in previous years we will pursue those we did not as a general ongoing effort to recruit Old Boys into the Association.

10. Full Old Boys weekend. (168 Golfers, 750 for the dinner)

This is obviously still to happen, due to the hall not being completed in time and the necessity to change venue back to the Dining Room, we are striving to ensure that we full this venue for the dinner. The golf day has in the past and continues to be an extremely tricky one in that there are so many other club & school associated Golf Days throughout the year one seems to disperse the target audience. I firmly believe we all involved need to look at this and become creative on how we can make these days benefit for us all.

From the above I do believe we have achieved a lot that we have set out too knowing well that our time as board members is limited, and at times our resources limited too.

It is on this note that I appeal to those who make their time available to serve on the board going forward to do it wisely, knowing that there is still a lot to be achieved and it will take a massive amount of effort from all those in order to achieve exactly that that needs to. I further appeal that the new board is kept to maximum of 10 members in order to create a smaller but more manageable and effective team.

I would like to take the opportunity in thanking the entire board for their valuable effort over the last 12 months, especially to the outgoing executive and in particular Matthew Blackmore and Jason Webber who I know put in a huge amount of time and effort. Further to that to Inge Paulsen-Liddle who runs the Association office. I hope you have all come to either know her or know about her. She has single handedly transformed amongst others the communication, I am sure you will all agree with me the newsletters which she produces is something spectacular.

On a personal note I stand committed to this board if I am re-elected and will continue to put as much time and effort as it takes to take this Association to its deserved heights.

Thomas Rundle

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