Good evening Gentleman

The last 12 months of the Association have been extremely busy and productive. The three major gains we have made are:

  1. Subdivision of the flats: The flats section of the property representing 1.06333ha of the total 8.3078ha has been subdivided from the main portion and therefore we are in possession of two title deeds for the property.
  2. Flats maintenance and general management: A huge amount of time and effort has gone into streamlining and ensuring that the general maintenance and management of flats is in good order. To this a huge amount of thanks goes to Memos Kavallineas, the chairman of the flats subcommittee and his assistant Geoff Meyer.
  3. Reunions and Old Boys Dinner: These hung in the balance due to the legal issue surrounding a liquor licence at these events. This has, however, been averted and all reunions and dinners will continue to be held at the school.

I must extend my thanks to the school and especially to the Headmaster, for the continued support of the Association and our various activities.

The Association office continues to be run ably by Mrs. Inge Paulsen-Liddle.

To the directorate and in particular the office bearers, thank you for your continued contribution to the Association.

An enormous amount of thanks and gratitude goes to the outgoing secretary Kyle Schmulow, who has resigned from the board. Kyle has been a loyal and dedicated member of the Association board since 2003 and secretary since 2013; a total of ten years of service. Kyle, thank you so much for your total commitment to the Association, you will be missed.

My appeal to the newly elected board is to dedicate your time in the next twelve months on a resolution to the future sustainability of the club and best use of property.

Thomas Rundle

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