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Old Boy- Class of 1983 - to remain un-named for the moment, but disclosure on request.

Canvas for support in any way possible – financial, logistical, moral, all appreciated!

Those of you who knew my brother at high school - and then hear of where he is now - will be astounded (and so saddened) by how differently his life has turned out to where you last saw him - 36 years ago in matric. He was a ball of brains, aspiration, passion and lust for life. He had wonderful, happy years at school, and has always been deeply proud to have been a PBHS Boy… it meant the world to him.

The events over the years .. After school he studied to become a medical doctor in the late 80’s, and succeeded against many odds in qualifying, but not without a huge shock come over his path (and ours as a family) when he was diagnosed with a debilitating mental illness during his varsity years. Nonetheless he pushed on into his future, working hard and refusing for any special allowances to be made for him. Several illness episodes came and went over a period of years, with some smoother times inbetween . But the long and the short of it is that the good times can’t last forever with this condition, and slowly but surely things begin catch up. His physical health is also far from good, in fact he nearly immobile these days.

But fast forward to a basic picture of where we stand at the moment... Tragically, (despite a battle he to this day still does not want to give up on) a few years ago he lost his career, and is currently in the process of losing his home, and all in all has very little leftover in the world.. (besides a few remaining shreds of pride). And that said .. of course financially too only shreds remain.

Our mission at this stage is basically just to keep a roof over his head (no matter how simple), with food on his plate, and medical care in place… the latter being paramount. And as his siblings we cannot sustain this alone. Our hearts are broken for him.

So without too much more detail and with respect for the sensitivities, I sign off at this point in interceding for him. And I hasten to add that he has no notion at all of me going down this path… he would never dream of asking for sympathy. Sometimes I’m not sure that he fullycomprehends the direness of the situation.

I am of course more than happy to chat privately with anyone wanting more information.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

079 5209184
013 7522 844

Help Dusty Hugh Phelan (2010)

Dusty was bitten by a juvenile Great White shark on Wednesday the 10th of July at 10:30am in Port Alfred South Africa,but thanks to our awesome communityhe was stabilized and taken to hospital in Port Elizabeth.

His hospital bills as well as the recovery ahead is going to cost in the region of R140 000.00.

Dusty is doing well and the doctors have done a great job with him, he’s all stitched up and clean. He should make it out by the weekend latest.

He’s got a long road ahead of him and we want to do everything we can to assist our mate and we need your help! This is mainly for the expense of the surgery and hospital fees as well as future expenses that relate to his recovery.

The idea is that we swing the message far and wide to all friends, family and loved ones to make a small donation to help ease the financial burden of this very unfortunate incident. Please if you can spare anything it would be greatly appreciated!

Read More here: https://gogetfunding.com/help-dusty/

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